Aug 27, 2015

Free Ebook on Teachings of Shirdi Sai Baba, a great Indian Saint

Who is Shirdi Sai Baba?

If you go to Mumbai (India), you can see, in many places, the picture of a Saint sitting like a royal king, with His right leg folded on His left and unmindful of the tear of His shirt on the right arm, on a stone. Shirdi Sai Baba is a household name now for most people in India, not only in the State of Maharashtra but almost in all States.

Nobody knows His birth details exactly. He is believed to be born in a village near Nasik in Maharashtra in central India in a Hindu Brahmin family in the late first half of nineteenth century and brought up by a Muslim. The name Sai was also not the name given by His parents but by a devotee. We have records only from the time He appeared as a youth in Shirdi, a small village near Nasik. At that time He was mainly absorbed in meditation for most of the time.

Baba spent most of His time only in and around Shirdi. He never travelled far. He lived in a dilapidated mosque there. He always insisted that God represented in Islam and Hinduism was one and the same, and so often used ‘Allah’ and ‘Hari:’, the Names of God in Islam and Vaishnavam (a sect of Hinduism) interchangeably in His instructions.

Baba left His body in the early twentieth century. Thousands of devotees are visiting the temple built over His samadhi (tomb) in Shirdi daily in the present day.

Baba demonstrated practically the deep meaning of many verses of Bhagavad Gita by means of events in the life of His devotees so that His devotees would never forget it in their life. His teachings displayed a judicious blend of the principles of jnanam (wisdom) and bhakti(devotion), and the doctrines of advaita(non-duality) and dvaita (duality).

Baba never called Himself God but always demonstrated His oneness with the all-pervading omniscient-cum-omnipotent universal Consciousness of God. That’s why He always took care of the spiritual as well as material needs of His devotees who learned to surrender their Consciousness to Him.



A decade and a half back I selected instructions and life events of Shirdi Sai Baba in eighteen groups each, and compiled them into a write-up for my ready reference and periodic recital programs in the pursuit of my spiritual and material goals.

 The selection criterion I used was simple - those instructions and life events of Baba that will contribute to the surrender of my Consciousness to the universal Consciousness. It took fifteen years for spiritual Enlightenment to happen to me, and all along those fifteen years that write-up was so much useful for me to learn, practice and perfect the technology of Surrender by separating and expanding my Consciousness and merging It with the universal Consciousness.

In these fifteen years my family, social and professional aspects of my life have become more and more peaceful due to the influence of the content of that write-up.

I have used that write-up to prepare this book titled, "Golden Teachings of Shirdi Sai Baba"

This book is available for FREE download:

I have designed a Surrender Prayer based on the selected verbal instructions and life events of Baba for daily recital. I have included it at the end of this book. There is no need for you to learn or practice the technology of Surrender; you can right away use this Surrender Prayer as your daily prayer to get divine assistance in facing the challenges of your daily life.

Alternatively, you can join my free global online daily Surrender Prayer Service to get divine assistance in facing the challenges of your daily life. This Surrender Prayer Service is supported by my invocation prayer for your main prayer. Details are here.

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